Tube Integragrated w/ Phono

Can anyone recommend a good Tube Integrated with a phono stage? Do they exist??


Look at the Primaluna PL1 and PL2. The PL2 can take a variety of power tubes (EL34/KT88) and both can take the add on MM phono stage board. I have this setup and it sounded very good. It's not a substitute for a good stand alone phono stage.
I have an Audio Space ref. 3.1 with a decent phono stage for MM only. Love the integrated but I'm not sure the phono stage is up to par with a top notch external phono stage.
Depending on your definition of good, yes.
Had a Conrad-Johnson PV-11 with phono that was quite good, had to go to separates to better it. Made the mistake of selling it and have looked back on that one more than once. Others may have other opinions. They can be found used in the 500-800 range.
MA 2275 Superb
Not sure of your budget, but the VAC Avatar SE or Super would be good choices.
Find an MFA Magus, simply the best. I liked it much better than an Audible Illusions.
Is the MFA Magnus an Integrated or Preamp?
what speakers and how much can you spend?

I like Audio Note, any integrated they sell is quite good
In the system I would incorporate the Tube Integrated into I am currently running Definitive Technology BP2000TL, although I have been considering electrostats. The dev-techs are quite efficient and I'm sure they could be driven easily by 50 WPC tube. What is the min power requirement for electrostats? (I do listen to powerful music at times...)
Copland CTA-405!! Outstanding amp with terrific reviews around the world. Also, has a killer phono stage.
I have my CTA402 for years and I love it. My other integrated amp is the Musical Fidelity Tri-vista 300 and I love them both.

What I would like to know is if the Copland CTA402 or the CTA405 can be used as a preamp if I were to add a pair of monoblocks. Anybody have any idea?
Try a vintage Scott integrated. Very sweet sounding, great phono stage, and very cool looking, if you like the retro look. Mapleshade sells refurbished/upgraded units that sound fantastic, but original sound great too. I own two, and they sound more musical than my Musical Fidelity A3 ss integrated.
Rogue Audio Cronus($1795.00).
Third vote for the Rogue Audio Cronus...... Its internal phono stage matches quite well with my Rega P3-24/Exact 2 front end and Vandersteen 1C speakers. It's a very musical, natural sounding integrated amplifier, with great truth of timbre, a wide/deep soundstage, an incredible mid-range, and a very impressive extension at both ends of the audible range.
2nd vote for the Scott integrated. I have a 299 paired with a Thorens TD125MKII turntable. Wonderful, full, sweet, detailed sound.