tube int amp rec

can anyone suggest an integrated tube ampor hybrid minimum 50 watts to match up with naim cd5x cd player. will be using sela audio floorstanders rated 86 spl. looking into a pathos, prima luna or jolida. budget around 2500.concerned about matchup with the naim cd player.tks
I don't believe any 50wpc tube amp will be a good match with 86db loudspeakers.
I am experimenting with my new Jolida JD-100A with different speakers. Currently it runs Dynaudio floorstanding 70s which are about 87 dB and 4 ohms. It is excellent. I am not sure that it is of the same quality as the CD5x or the Selas, but it produces fine sound. It is a hybrid with tube pre-amp and SS outputs. The remote is lousy but has a wide range. The unit is built well. For $700 it is quite a bargain.
Given the low sensitivity of your speakers, I think hybrid would be the way to go. Check out Pathos and Unison Research hybrids, excellent reviews.
VTL 85 IT perhaps. Lots of current.
All three re exctly list I woiuld make and yes if you want to ever push it 50 watts could be a problem.At 50 wats you would want a full tube do distortion was 2nd order and not nasty.Unison SE is 140 watts.And when you want you could have Parts Connection soup it up for you (read review at 6moons on level 3 uipgrade.Read article rcently that made upgrading make more sense.A company will use parts and need a 5 to 1 return on part thus all but most rediculously priced gear will use best parts like Hovalnd or Black Gate Caps,Vishay resistors etc.But when modifying you pay for part and labor.You save buy buying modded goods (in your budget) from dealers here on Audiogon like Underwoodwally from the get go but buying stock allows youy to split cost and have fun of geting amp improved after you've had it awhile.Jolida and Unison are both companies with a number of moddifiers though Pathos (*which is beautifull BTW) I have not seen offerings for mods.