Tube/Hybrid amp for 2 channel listening and HT use

I am looking at a tube amp or hybrid to complement by Blue Circle 21.1 preamp. I would like to integrate this 2 channel amp into my HT setup as the BC21.1 has a loop that I will be using, allowing the BC21.1 to be active for 2 channel listening and my Myryad MDP 500 G6 active for HT applications. I currently use an Anthem MCA2 II to power 2 channel listening (as well as an MCA3 for HT). Should I look at a tube/hybrid amp to replace the Anthem MCA2 what considerations should I take into account? Any suggestions for a 2 channel tube/hybrid amp to power my Dynaudio Contour 1.3 MKII's (4 ohm)and that would mate well with the Blue Circle preamp and Myryad processor? Thanks for helping me out. Cheers.

At 86DB efficiency a tube amp will not likely be a good match for your speakers. Bass impact, max volume and dynamics will suffer the most. If you like action movies or big cinematic sound, the tubes are going to fall short. If you are running a sub and roll-off the speakers at 150Hz you might get tolerable results for most soundtracks. However, this is far from the full range 2-channel stereo speaker ideal.

Amps can sound as different as speakers, so I recommend all the same speakers and the same amps all the way around for home theater. This will give you the most seamless presentation. You are on the right track with your two Anthem amps for home theater.

Can you tell the difference between your two Anthem amps? If you can, this will be even more evident if you move to another brand or topology.

Financially, changing out all your amps at the same time is the hard road. Baby steps might be required, and home theater might suffer until all of your amps are upgraded. This of course means nothing if your speakers don't all match.

A hybrid amp will work fine. The Blue Circle hybrids are probably a good place to start since you have a Blue Circle pre-amp. I would use a Blue Circle amp as your reference. That combo will probably be tough to beat. I believe in the synergy of using the same brands in a system when it comes to pre-amps and amps. This is what the designers are using as their references while they develop new products. They should sound and work well together. However, someone who makes great speakers might not make such good amps or turntables. Each one requires a certain expertise. This is where mixing brands can be effective.

Another advantage to the hybrid amp is that you can do some fine-tuning with input tubes. Add a set of NOS Telefunken tubes, and you will probably be in hi-fi heaven.

Hope this helps out,


These are giant killer hybrid fet-valves amps.