Tube help for a BAT VK-P5

I just bought a BAT VK-P5 here on Audiogon. I'm relatively new to tubes, but I'm aware of the benefits of 'tube rolling'. I wondering if any members could recommend tubes that have worked well in their BAT's, and where a good tube dealer may be found. I know that some of this is subjective, but there also seems to be a somewhat favorite pecking order from the lowly Sovtek 6922's (I hear they are sterile) to the alledgedly glorious Amperex 7308's. The preamp takes 8 6DJ8 variants and 2 6SN7's. I would like to keep the cost under $500 (roughly $50 a tube), although I could go a little higher if there is strong opinions on certain tubes. Thanks in advance for any help you could provide on either good sounding tubes you've experienced and/or good dealers.

I have a BAT VK5i and BAT VK30 and have found that replacing the stock 6922s with Amperex 6DJ8 Bugle Boys really helped to improve the sound. Took the harsh edge of the 6922s right off. I would highly recommend giving them a try plus they are well within your budget. I have been using my 5i with these for the last 6 months, no problems just great sound.
Contract Jim at "Absolute Tubes" at he is a great source for tubes at good prices.