tube headphone amp?

I was just informed that I may not be able to get a headphone amp that I was seriously considering, the Audio Valve RKV Mk II. It's being "upgraded", (waiting to hear reviews + what the price will be). I'm currently using a MF X-CAN v2, so the only criteria are: it must be tubed, and it must be an upgrade from what I've currently got. So here is my short list, any additions/deletions? Let's start with a price-no-object list, I can whittle down from there: - The Earmax Pro; - David Berning Co. sells something called the microZOTL, but direct only; - that Cary preamp that Headroom claims is the best in the world; - Wheatfield Audio HA-2; - Antique Sound Labs - the MG Head DT; - Zeus OTL Headphone Amplifier by Fuchs Audio Technology; - Holmes Powell;

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Hi, I am selling my Holmes Powell headphone amp for 1/2 price. The Holmes Powell recieved the 1999 Golden Year Award. It's not the best but its 2nd best rated by The Absolute Sound magazine. The best is the new Esoteric Audio Research HP4 headphone amp. Email me for details: [email protected] More info: And also search the forum for holmes powell.