Tube Guru 6C33C Amp- Has anyone heard this amp??

Guys- Looking for a new  amp for my Classic Audio T1.4 horns- I have read great things about Tube Guru Phono stage but have not heard much about the amps- Has anyone heard or heard anything about them- thks
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It looks alright, but I think you will find it underpowered for your speakers (I have T-3s which are the same impedance and efficiency). I assume your room is bigger than mine since you have room for the T-1s. I recommend something with 60 watts if you can (I run M-60s on mine most of the time which actually make 80 watts in the 16 ohm load of your speakers).

The other thing I think you will run into is that bottom octave issue. Your speakers go down to 20Hz, so something that can actually play 20Hz properly without rolloff is helpful. The amp in question has significant phase shift at 20Hz and so would come off with a lack of punch.

Finally, the 6C33 power tube eats tube sockets which thus have to be replaced on a service schedule unlike most other tube sockets. This is true of all amps that run this power tube so its not a condemnation of the amp in particular, just something to be aware of.
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