tube gear vs solid state...cable effectiveness

hi all,

i have a question and im not looking for a debate whether cables make a difference with sound or not. i use semi-high end ($3k and below) cables on my solid state gear (pre,cd,amp,etc.) with exellent results.

i was told by someone who builds tube gear that cables make more of a difference on solid state and are not as effective on tube gear.

i have no experience with tubes but have been thinking of getting into them, and therefore wondering if i should sell some cables off to help fund new tube gear.

your thoughts. thanks in advance.
I have owned and still own many SS and Tube amps, preamps and CDP's.
In my opinion cables DO make a difference in SS and Tube equipment. I would suggest keeping what you have and reach your own conclusions. Worse scenario, you could sell cables at a later time.
I have found that my tube systems sound different with different cables. My cables cost total per system are probably 1/10 the cost of what you are using, but still I find that copper sounds different than silver, a $150 interconnect sounds different than a $20 interconnect, etc. whether it is tubes or solid state.

I agree with the other responses so far, I own primarily tube gear and find that cables are as meaningful as I imagine they could be, with any set up.
I must say that $3K is not "semi" high end thats a lot for a cable. I know there are some that sell for more but still my most expensive cable may be a $1K IC by Cardas, which I bought used for much less.
Yes, cables remain very important with both SS and Tubes. With tubes though, alot of the annoyances involved with HiFi seem to disappear or at least diminish. Things like only sounding good at 3:00 in the morning, or when the fridge is off. Or sounding bad for days after vacuuming (I'm not kidding)or when computers are running. Tubes can sound so right and likable that these problems vanish or become unimportant. I suspect cables may be less of a "Life or death" decision for good sound with Tubes, but you will still need to tune the system with the proper sympathetic cable choices till you get it just right. Possibly not the same choices that worked with your SS system, but I wouldn't dump your cables till you at least try them with a new setup.
"... cables make more of a difference on solid state and are not as effective on tube gear."

Ridiculous in my experience.
sub $3k for cable? cable may make a difference on both designs again depending on design, but it has nothing to do with price. the price of cable is only for brand and not for performance. one $5000 cable may sound like cwap vs. cheap radioshack. for performance you should match it to the parameters of the component particularly output impedance characteristics. i'm wired with pro-grade cables and wires that match good my components with total price <$300 for all of them.
my audiophile amigo has tube gear; and I have S/S kit.

They both are equally sensitive to the introduction of quality cables; and that means ALL three genres of cables: ICs, speaker cables, and power chords.
Perhaps, wire seems less important to tube equipment owners than solid state owners because the first step taken to tailor the sound of tube gear to one's particular taste and system interactions is to change out tubes.
With solid state gear, there is MUCH less ability to alter the sound so one is often limited to wire substitution. Hence, in that sense wire choice is more critical with solid state gear because there is little other means of fine tuning the sound.
I can hear more cables differences on tube gear than SS. My 300B amp reveals sonic differences with just about any PC, interconnect, or speaker cables.
equipment that reveals cable differences isn't a good quality and more-likely primitively designed weather it's solid-state or tube.
Hi Sonic_genius,
Same results with my 300b SET based system.I can clearly hear the differences among various cables.Some were subtle and others very apparent.Probably these very simple circuits bare it all with no place to hide is my guess.
You stated, "With solid state gear, there is MUCH less ability to alter the sound so one is often limited to wire substitution." The only thing less to alter is the tubes, IMO.