tube gear for rock and techno

whats good tube gear for rock and dance music with exellent or used at a decent price...intergrated or pre/power...
between $1,000 -$2000
JJ Electronics 828. Sounds good, Looks cool, 70 Watts/channel
I've had both a Sonic Frontiers SFS-40 and an SFS-80, great for rock and techno when tubed with KT-90s, both in your price range. Plus, they are very tube rolling friendly.
I have had Jadis, VTL, Manley, Copland, Fisher and Marantz. Of all this fine list, I found the VTL the more keen towards playing the material you are requiering. Go for a push-pull of course, not SET or ultralinear IMO.

Hope this helps in your quest.

FYI, ultralinear amps are a push-pull design.
Thanks for pointing it out Creeper, I noticed it once I pushed the SEND bottom and got confused with the SE/UL switch that those Manley amps had.

I've been asking the same question as of late. Someone suggested a hybrid integrated, which I'm now considering. Check out the Audio Aero Prima, which is definitly in your price range. Jolida makes 'em too, as do tons of other companies that I can't recall at the moment.