Tube friendly speakers UNDER 1K?

Any recommendations for tube friendly monitors under 1K? I'm using a Jolida 202B in a small/medium sized room. What should be on my audition list? Help please.....
Vandersteen 1C or 1B, Totem Arro.
To the above I'd also add Triangle and Silverline. Best of luck.
Try the Meadowlark Swift. I'm running them with Jolida's hybrid integrated 1501a and they sound great.
sorry to neglect your request for monitors.
you can get used Totem Rokk or even slightly higher than 1k used Totem Model1. Recently I saw them sold here for $950 WITH STANDS! Totems have a very stable impedance, outstanding dynamics. if you add someday a woofer you might beat the stage and performance of much more expencive floor standers.
Remember, Totem is the king of all mid-priced monitors.
DEFINITELY- Reference 3A MM de Capos
Soliloquy 5.0 or Soliloquy SM2A3
Paradigm Studio 40

All of the above should be able to be had for less than 1K with stands.
Totems are too inefficient. Try Coincident Triumphs.
Indeed, they are floorstanders, but they take up about the same amout of floorspace as many monitors and sound wonderful.