Tube Friendly Speakers

I need a pair of speakers that my 25w per channel monos can handle, one of my audio pet peeves is an underpowered speaker, so I need something that 25 watts can really move, I am trying to keep it under $2000 new, I've thought about trying the Triangle Antal xs but I have no where to audition them, any other recommendations
You can get more speaker for your money if you go used.I would look for 90+ dB efficiency minimum 95 + if you can find them.
What size room do you have and what are your musical preferences?
Sensativity is not the only thing to look at. For example, Wilson speakers have high sensativity but really demand BIG POWERFUL amps. Many others are similar. Again, try before you buy.
Coincident Speaker Technology,Audio Note, Lowther and Soliliqy all come to mind. I'm sure there are many others but these are all names that come up for sale quite often so if you don't like them they should be fairly easy to move. Hope this helps.
These may not be as esoteric as some would like but I think KEF reference series are "just right" for tubes. I'm using the Ref-III.2 with my ARC VT-100 and am extremely satisfied. The Ref series is fairly high output, 90 db give or take, and has a purposely flattened impedence (which glow-bottles love!). Ref-IIs can be had for around $2200 online.
i'm a big fan of Spendors when match with tubes, but not so much the newer line. look for a used pair of 7/1's, 1/2's or 2/3's - you'll be amazed!
Some Silverline products could be on your list
Find a used pair of B&W P Series. P4, P5, or P6. P5 probably the best. I know of people using them with great results with the Decware Zen(??) amp that is less than 10 watts I believe.
I bought my Triangle Titus xs from Alan at Audiowaves, He has a generous return policy, he discounts Triangle(his catalog says $1595 for the Antal) and he provides free shipping and great service from a brick and mortar store. The Triangles are a bargain in hi-end speakers and work great with tubes according to everything I've ever read or heard on the subject. Give Alan a call. BTW, he also carries Soliloquy, and tube gear. He should be able to give you a good opinion of the pairings.

Mkaes: How large is your room and what amps are you using?
my current room is somewhat large (20'Wx30'l) and my amps are quicksilver monos, I realize I'm not going to be able to fill the room with this much power but I'm sure one day my equipment will be in a fairly small room again as it always has been, my musical preferences center around acoustic, folk, rock and jazz, thanks for the suggestions
I use kef reference 3.2 with a 30watt lavardin. Know they work well with the 20 watt jadis monos. love the sound. Also try to hear

Living voice avatar and avatar obx (fantastic)
Audiophysic Virgo (great imaging but edgy)
Vandersteen Model 1 should work good with your amps. The larger Model 2's need more power. You will probably need to use a revealing speaker cable to get the best results.
You might want to try and audition the Soliloquy 5.3's and the Silverline Sonatina's. Both have kind impedence curves and should give your push/pull amps a break. I listened to them at different dealers, so I cannot really compare the two, but both were very good speakers. The Sonatina sounded very similar to the Sonata (to me anyway), though a larger room would probably widen the gap between them.
Meadowlark Kestral Hotrods. $ 1500 new, and you see them used in the 1k range. I'm driving them with a 45 watt, CJ MV52 and they are great in a 12x18 room with 12x12 alcove - yes, the dreaded L shape room. They go plently loud for me, and sound superb, YMMV. Prettier than the Vandy's, which I've owned too.
Look for a pair of used Alon Lotus speakers. Especially designed (14 ohm bass drivers) to mate with low power tube amps. Fabulous with acoustic music. Open, airy, spacious, huge soundstage, musically realistic tone and timbre. Dynamic enough for your large space now. Will work fine in smaller spaces.

I've heard ProAcs sounding wonderful with tube Cary amps. The Coincident line well worth checking out too, their bass drivers also designed to be tube friendly.
Don't laugh...Dahlquist DQ-10's ! I've stunned several hifi buddies with my AES/Cary 300B SET and DQ-10's ! Biggest trick is finding a late model pair that have speakers that don't need overhauled. I have fancier, more state of the art stuff in another listening room but the DQ-10's are classics and keepers !