Tube for Zeus Rogue amp

Any recommendation about tubes for this power amp
I would call Rogue Audio and talk to Mark, or Mark (there are two or the other, will answer the phone). Both guys are very easy to talk with, and will be willing to lend advice. (they also carry a few tubes)

I've used telefunken's for the 12AX7 and RCA clear tops for the other 12A slots.

Mine came with EH KT88 and I've been using them ever since, although I often toy with the idea of replacing them with Gold Lion reissues.
Mine has stock Electro Harmonics.Since my Zeus does not have a cover,one day I broke one tube by accident,so I called and talked to Mark.He said to just buy another EH KT88 and re-bias .No need for matching e.t.c.Now if you want to use expensive boutique NOS kt88's since the amp uses 12 power output tubes, be prepared to spend the big bucks.Something to consider I guess.