Tube for vinyl & SS for CD?

I read this in a thread. Is this a general rule?
Boy, what a "loaded" question!

If you consider this a generalization, I think it's a very questionable one. The foundation(s) of high-end audio are personal preference and subjectiveness, IMO. Cheers. Craig
I 2nd that Garfish.

I agree with Tok & Garfish all the way. If you held a gun to my head however (if I can't go tube on both) I would use the tubes to tame the digital and the right solid state with vinyl is really cool.

As a "tubes-all-the-way" guy,I think the "right" dac bridges the gaps. You guys are trying to fool me,right? Isn't ss & cds an oxymoron kind of thing that hurts your ears?---Don't try this at home !