Tube for Sonic Frontiers SFL-1

Would like to try and get a more "tubelike" sound from a Sonic Frontiers SFL-1 pre. Richer midrange,more lush overall, if possible. Uses a single 12AT7A type tube. I'm pretty new to tubes so any suggestions would be most welcome!

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Andy at Vintage Tube Services will fix you up. Best to talk to him, as he will recommend options to suit your particular system & preferences. Tel # is:


And the website(which may load slowly wit a dial-up modem):
Thanks FP, I'll give them a look...

I was using the SFL-1 before I got the Line 1 I am now using. In the SFL-1 I have a Mullard 6201 tube. It was supplied with the unit when new. The 6201 number is off the tube box cover. It has a nice warm sound. If you want a lot of bloom check out Mullard tubes.