tube for mhdt Paradisea

Interested in peoples observations or recommendations for different tubes for the Paradisea and why.

For example, the Bendix equivalent tube has a good rap but seems to cost more than others ($50 + up). Is it worth it?

Currently, I use the GE 5670 tube that came with the Paradisea and have also tried a NOS Tung Sol equivalent (unmarked so I do not know this for certain) that the seller provided with my unit as well.
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I tried 3 different WE 396 tubes that guys were saying sounded so good. I personally like the stock tube best. At first I thought there has got to be something wrong with my 396, but the others I tried sounded basically the same. They slowed things down and took away a lot of the excitement. That is the only tube other than stock I've tried, but for what it's worth that is my take on it.

I have similar observations regarding my other tube versus stock tube as well.
I tried several tubes, including the WE396.

My favorite was the GE 5 Star 5670. I liked it so much, I kept a couple tubes even though I sold the DAC. I sold all my WE396 tubes as well.
How about the Bendix equivalent for $50?

Is it worth $50? What are the improvements?
I have a Bendix that I am looking to sell if you are interested? Email me offline.

Are you using the Bendix with a Paradisea?

If so, what differences do you hear from the stock GE 5670?
I used to have the Paradisea but sold it and kept the bendix tube. To my ears the Bendix had a fuller more robust sound and a tad more detail. I thought overall it was better.