Tube for BAT Pre-amp

Hi, I just got a BAT Pre VK-30 go with my Classe amp. How long does it take to break-in? What am I going to expect after it breaking in it is pretty warm right now and also laid back and the high is not extened enough midrange and bass is very good so far? Is this going to be the sound even after breaking? If it does is there upgrade tube I need to replace from stock so it does make the sound come forward and high extened more. Thanks for any info.
Goone, the VK30 is a somewhat laid back, warm sounding preamp. I'd suggest you use it for about a week and see if it breaks in to your tastes. If you still don't like the presentation you can swap power cords (I like Synergistic AC Master Coupler on my VK30) or even more importantly consider changing interconnects and/or speaker wire to dial in the sound to your tastes. You can always get in touch with Kevin Deal at Upscale Audio and he'll likley have some suggestions as to what tubes to use to get you the type of sound you're looking for.
Tube roll that baby! I have a VK30 too, and found the best results with Amperex tubes. Let me know if you want to try some, I have a bunch for sale. (Bugle Boy 6DJ8s from the 1950s). I think you find much better and more dramtic results with tube rolling than with any cable swapping, IMNSHO.

Skip all the above and start saving for the SE upgrade. You will not believe the difference! The SE upgrade will transform and make a huge change to the sound.
Can any one tell me how to set-up home-theater loop pass through in the bat pre-amp? thanks