Tube Fire What Next?

I have a melody el34 integrated amp. I truthfully don’t know much about how to maintain it. About a year ago I had a well respected tech do some work on it and put in new tubes. Last night the family was listening to music and it looked like there was fire inside of one of the power tubes. Scared the crap out of my daughter. I turned off the power and unplugged it.  I assume I need to replace the tube. Is there anything else I should do? I have never biased the amp myself but I did just buy a multimeter which ironically just came this week. Can someone walk me through this so I don’t bust my amp or more tubes. Thanks for the help. 
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Thanks everyone. Millercarbon my melody has the same set-up so thanks for pointing that out. Just to be crystal clear when I bias the amp the amp should be plugged in and turned on, correct?
Noromance, thanks for that comment. in the future I will check. 
Atmosphere and millercarbon, thanks for walking me through this. Now I have a choice do I replace the 1 tubestore preferred series el 34 or try something new. Previously it was recommended to me that I try the Mesa boogie NOS el34 but at around $400 quad that’s above what I can afford. So if I go with the new quad route I am torn between trying out Gold lion kt77 for $150
or waiting for Germany to allow shipments to US and try the NOS Siemens for $220.