Tube experts - tell me about my Matsushita ecc803S

I'm Looking for some tube guru's out there to shed some light on some astonishing tubes I aquired a while back. They are 1960's Matsushita ecc803s gold pins. I bought them here on Audiogon about a year ago. The lucky people who happened to get them had such outstanding comments, that the seller posted their reviews on the add. Some even commenting on how they were basically better or equal to the famous Telefunken ECC803S

I had bought a total of 20+ pairs of tubes for a substantial amount of money, experimenting with various tubes for my modded Jolida cdp. The tubes I purchased included all the recommended top well knowns (Amperex, Mullards, Telefunkens, Brimar, Tungsol, RCA, Sylvania, Phillips, etc, etc.) These were all 12ax7/ecc83/ecc803s/7025 & 5751 combinations.

Out of all the tubes I bought, NONE, and I mean NONE could even hold a candle to these Matsushita's. These tubes are just pure silk, rich and warm, and so perfectly quiet its amazing.

The Matsushita factories I was told were set up by Phillips, Mullard, and have mention to ties with Telefunken. These ECC803S have gold pins, that are more brass looking, and are labled Radiotron. There is very little info availble on the web, and I'm pretty sure there is only about 4 or 5 pairs of these in the world. I have 2 matched pairs. If someone could really help me, I could send off some pictures of the tubes. Thanks in advance, Steve