Tube Experiment

I have seen the dramatic effect that changing tubes can have on soundstage and imaging. My preamp uses the 6DJ8 family of triode tubes.I am looking for tube suggestions for my preamp that may open up the soundstage and improve imaging.Here are the components that I am currently using.
Presence Audio Linestage 1
Aragon 8008BB power amp
Rega Planet 2000 cd player
Cardas Twinlink speaker cable
Audioquest Coral interconnects
Telefunken Falcons or the Cca. I changed to the falcons in my tubed Dac with great improvement over the Philips.
The Siemens CCa Gold Pin 6922/6DJ8 NOS is used with the Prensence Audio line of preamps because of their awesome ability. I'm not sure you can do better than that. Have you tried different OA2 tubes?
Generally the 6922 is recommended over the 6DJ8 for audio use because of much lower microphonics, a very important consideration. Either that, or spend a lot of money on an isolation base for your preamp.