Tube Designations for Cary SLP-94 Preamp

Well, I am new to tubes and have recently purchased a Cary SLP-94 on AGON. It uses 8 tubes; four 12AU7A in front, two 12AX7A with metal covers in the middle, and two 6CA4 at the rear.

My question is; what specifically does each tube control in the unit? That is, can I change the sound in specific areas by rolling the tubes in that area? For example, the Cary does a wonderful job of toning down the harshness of my CDs compared to my previous SS preamp, but my analog now sounds a bit too laid back.

My system is composed of the Cary, a Rega P3-24 table, Cambridge 640C CD player, Quad 22L-2 speakers.

Can anyone help, or am I asking the wrong question? Thanks.