Tube Dealers 2021

I bought my last tubes 6 years ago and lost my addresses. Some probably don’t exist anymore.
Can you share some?
Jim McShane, Viva Tubes, Vacuum Tube Values for new tubes are some I have dealt with And of course, Tube Depot and the others who pop up with a search. Then there is upscale if you can deal with them. Jim has some health issues and is running behind but is a good dealer. VTV has good prices and does the normal testing. Good luck & happy hunting. 
Oh, NOS is Brent Jesse & another who's name escapes me.
Syntax, there is Andy Bouman's Vintage Tube Services at, Brent Jesse's at are the two I usually deal with.

Andy Bouman’s Vintage Tube Services
THAT’s the name I couldn’t remember. Thanks
Brent Jessee is my guy for NOS tubes.  The Tubedepot seems to have good prices and a large inventory of new production tubes.
+1 for Brent Jesse. Have bought 32 nos tubes from him. All good and easy, quick transaction. Think it is

+1 on Andy Bouwman at Vintage Tube Services.  His prices reflect the lengths he goes to testing the tubes andmaking sure you have the real tubes you want.  Tough to reach but I believe he is worth the trouble.
Another vote for Brent Jessee. Great service, always happy to answer questions. 

I bought 1 NOS tube at Upscale Audio, no problems.
1 at Viva also, no problems. 
Kevin Deal from Upscale Audio is first rate. I’ve bought many tubes from him and had a problem "crackler" only one time. Kevin replaced it immediately, and I’ve never had another issue with his tubes. I highly recommend him. Canadian outfit but with quality offerings at good prices with the exchange rate. Fast and efficient service to boot.  is good. I'm more limited selection, but that's only because they're very selective about the tube they accept. 

for what kinds of tubes?

some deal in vintage tubes, others in current production - most tend to specialize in one type vs the other
Another for the tubestore. They do specific amp setups to make it easy. Worth a look.
Upscale audio and the tube store, and of course Ebay. Bought some very nice tubes off Ebay over the years.
Another vote for Brent Jesse. I  need an upgrade to vintage tubes for my Jolida phono stage and he was  extremely helpful and made an excellent recommendation, a 1960's matched pair of Telefunkins, and I then also pulled the trigger on upgrading my Jolida Black Ice box and my Rogue Sphinx V3 as well. I obviously wanted to  go with vintage  tubes across the board.
Brent Jessee Recording is my go-to, for rare, NOS, 6SN7 Octals.    I've gotten some of my very best NOS, nine-pin miniatures (especially, my Siemens), from this seller, in Germany:          I've never been disappointed by either TC Tubes, or Upscale Audio, when it comes to NOS or new production power tubes (6550, KT88, EL34, etc).          TC Tubes surprised me, when one of an octet of GE 6550s went bad, after almost two full years of service.   I returned the set to them and they ID'd the offender, found one that matched the remainders and gave it to me, gratis.     Hard to beat that kind of customer service.
Depends on what you are looking for:

I sell Emission Labs and KR if you are looking for the Czech tubes.  I am one of the only folks who carries KRs whole line here in the US.

For smaller tubes and NOS, I like the folks at Tube Depot.  I buy from EHX when quantities are a bit larger but I buy from them for small quantities and NOS.  
+1 for Brent Jesse. He's an unusual combination of knowledge, apparently vast NOS inventory, and honest business practices.
I will give Jim McShane a try, excellent guy, very knowledgeable, I can recommend him
Andy Bouman’s Vintage Tube Services

This guy has some of the best tested tubes, I've never gotten a bad or weak tube from him. I run my 6sl7 tube preamp 24/7 almost continuously for 3 years now.