Tube dacs $2k

What are recommendations for budget $100-$2000 (retail) tube DACs? I'd like something which sounds smooth but not rolled off.
The Audio Aero Prima DAC can sometimes be found used in that price range, one of the really excellent tube buffered DACs. Smooth, but not lacking top end extension.

If you consider a computer-based system, the first one that comes to mind is the Wavelength Brick. Smooth detailed and with the right tubes not rolled of at all.

Both go in somewhat different direction sound- and design wise (neither one is rolled of IMO). The Wavelength is non-oversampling (NOS), the Prima upsamples to 192KHz. As a result the Brick sounds a little more natural, while the Prima ads more (artificial?) air, texture and detail to instruments (things seem to resonate more).
You may want to look into the Monarchy M24 tube DAC. Very smmoth and great value at its price point. I'd also recoomend looking at the numerous NOS DACs out there.
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The Sonic Frontiers SFD2MK2 is an all time favorite at 1600-1900$ range depending on condition.
What about a used Bel Canto 1 or 2 with a Msucial Fidelity tube stage. You might save money and get better sound even with the interconnect.
Chime or Brick.