Tube Dac to Tube pre?

I use a Lite Audio tube dac but am thinking about a tube preamp. The preamp has no digital input so would have to go rca from squeezebox duet to the pre if I cannot use the dac.

Would using the dac to tubed pre be doable?
Hi Steve,

From your description, yes, it should be do-able. Your DAC should have analog outputs...RCA, XLR or both. Either of these could go directly into your preamp analog inputs. Just remember to check what analog outputs your DAC has...and what analog inputs your preamp has.
Doable yes, introducing more variables than are wise also.
Dac and pre have rca so that should cover.
Schubert, you mention "more variables than are wise" and I would appreciate your explanation. Tubes are new to me. Are you saying that having two components with tubes may not match up well?
Thanks for the replies.
I enjoyed a tube dac to a SS preamp to a either a SS or tube amp. Schubert is very right about the additional variables. I like having somethings I can't easily change in my systems.
I have used Tubey dacs with SS amplification, i think it adds the magic of tubes with the benefits of a SS.

Like an hybrid solution.
Scoly1 I have been using a tube output cd player to a tube linestage preamp with a ss amp with very good results. You can also taylor to your likings by tube rolling. Go for it.
Scoly1, I read your original posts a few times just to make sure I understand what you are asking for. I've not used a squeezebox myself, but based on the pictures I found online of the unit, I think this is how it works.

Currently, you are probably connecting squeezebox to your DAC via the digital output (orange) connector on the squeezbox. It looks like the squeezbox also has an internal DAC, so an alternative is that you can connect the squeezbox directly to a preamp via a pair of RCA cables. The reason that the preamp does not have a digital input is because most preamps only accept analog signal. So if you have a digital source, you would need a DAC to convert the digital signal to output to analog signal. Most digital source has either DAC built-in or would need to connect to an outboard DAC via a digital output/digital cable.

What are you connecting the DAC to currently? Is it connected to an integrated amp (is there a volume control on your amplier) then to the speakers? What's the reason you are adding a preamp?

Remember at one time all electronics are based on tubes. Many audio gear today still are. So, having tubes in both your DAC and preamp, and even in your amp, would not be an issue. As tubes are easy to change and will alter the sound characteristics, you now have the ability to change tubes in your DAC as well as your preamp to your liking.

Remember, many of the NOS EXPENSIVE tubes around are faulty and/or fake.
Thanks for taking your time to go through this.

"What are you connecting the DAC to currently? Is it connected to an integrated amp (is there a volume control on your amplier) then to the speakers? What's the reason you are adding a preamp?"

Currently the dac is connected to a Marantz sr6006 ht pre/pro with a Bryston 3bst amp handling the amplifier duties for the front Gallo Ref 3.1 Speakers..

I saw major sq differences when I added both the dac and the amplifier to my system. Everything I read indicates that a significant improvement can be had with a seperate preamp vs the ht processor.
Hard to verbalize what I want. Even though my system sounds very good to me I know it can be better. Would like tighter placement of instruments, front to back imaging, tighter bass, a more you are there feeling.
Let's see old tubes sound better than new ones and old records sound better than newer digital recordings.

Are there any old technology known to man that are deemed superior to modern technology outside of the high end audio world? Or are we audio buffs perhaps just a little whacked?
Hi Steve,

So the answer to your original question is "Yes". There should not be any issue. And you should hear some improvement by replacing the pre/pro with a better preamp. What types of tubes will go into the DAC and the pre? Most NOS tubes, meaning tubes that were made in their golden days, will sound better than current productions. Different manufacturer will have different house sound as well. There have been some decent tubes coming out of China and Russia recently. I have not compare them to my NOS stash yet, but they will typically cost less, and are more accessible.

What music file format are you streaming? That may also impact SQ as well.

Streaming flac files and will probably continue with flac. Current tubes in the dac are Amperex Bugle Boy 6DJ8. They are an upgrade from the originals.

While we are at this, do you have any recommendation on pre's? I do require a remote and would like it to control source as well as volume though just volume would be ok. Price range for a start: less than $1000