Tube DAC to take edge off Rega Planet 2000

I have been trying to buy a CAL Alpha, however, they are alway sold by the time I make an offer. So is there another Tube DAC within the CAL Alpha price range that is at least as good as the cal in sound and build quality to take the edge off my REGA PLANET 2000. I have a pair of Paradigm S2's on JPS Superconductors now and will be hooking up to Mac MA 2275 soon.
In my opinion, the Planet 2000 isn't an edgy CD player, having owned one, and now owning a Jupiter 2000. That said, a non-tube option with a very lush sound that works exceptionally well with the Planet is a Bel Canto DAC 1 (or DAC 1.1, or DAC 2 depending on how much you want to spend) - I have used this combination before and it's a natural pairing.

Given that you're getting harshness with a famously laid-back CD player, perhaps the problem lies elsewhere. It could be the room itself causing this (first reflections, glare etc.), or some other component.
Yeah I doubt the Planet would be the problem... Look into possible cables, or the preamp. but since you are getting a mcintosh wait it out, those seem to solve a lot of over anylitical or less musical presentations anyway, so get the mcintosh first, you will see.
You may want to try the tube buffer by musical fidelity runs around 300 or so.
I would like to know how you drew the conclusion that your CD Player is the problem, and not a speaker/room issue.
I've had the Rega Planet, Planet 2000 and now the Jupiter 2000 which I run with a Mac MC275 amp and C2200 preamp. The sound is not at all edgy, nor should your Planet 2000 with the MC2275. I'd check into the cables as a match. The JPS Superconductors are very clear although not edgy either. Actually, I just demoed the JPS cables and should receive my order in a day or two becaues I found them to be a great match with the Mac and Rega equipment.
Perhaps the JPSs are not a good match with your current amp.

Something is amiss but I doubt it's the Rega; unless it has developed problems. Call the Rega distributor to determine if there may be a problem with your 2000. Maybe it needs a service check.
Thank you for the input. I'll look into these options.
An Alpha just showed up this morning on AG. Hurry!
I had a planet 2000, and though it is not "bright" per se, I did find some harshness and excessive sibilance on some vocals. If this is what you meant, I have heard it, so have others. If you are referring to some general brightness or grit in the mids and highs then you probably have some other issues as this player is perty mellow for the most part. What are you using for power conditioning? Many times this can have a huge impact on CDP's.
hi coralreef: you can take the cal alpha off my hands. just give me a call at 516 489-9576.
My experience with Rega reflect the above - Rega is one of the smoothest and warm sounding CDP. Most tube units are not as warm sounding.

I would look elsewhere in you system for the harshness.

I think what the guys here are telling you in a subtle way. Is that the problem lies in the speaker and the room. I'm going to say speakers. Not trying to bash the Paradigms,but they are known to be a little edgy. Look at the graphs..without the grills on this speaker, they would rip ears off. Who knows maybe the Mac will smooth things over?

Good luck