tube choice for Audible Illusions L1

I have a Audible Illusions L1, and it has humming noise on the left channel. I suspect it is the tube. Also, I would like to smooth the sound a bit more. The recommended and current tube I have is 6h23neb. However, I have someone previously recommends Svetlana 6n1p. I would like to try it out, but it says on the AI FAQ that "6NIP tubes should not be substituted as they require additional filament current and their use will compromise performance."
What does compromise performance means? Does it mean the tube life will decrease? But it won't do any damage on the unit, am I correct?

Also, from the tube store, I can't specify the brand. Is it important to order a specific brand?

Besides the 6h23neb and 6n1p, is there other suggestion that will help smooth out the sound, or make it less harsh?


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The Amperex "Orange Globe" are an excellent cost-quality compromise and are likely to last a long time. I have had mine for three years.