Tube 'Characteristics' - EL-34 and 845 and 211

At the risk of getting slammed by those that think all tubes should sound the same in a properly designed circuit, I was wondering if anyone can comment on their experiences and the differences they have heard between the EL-34 tubes and the 845's and 211's. I've used the EL-34 for many years but have been advised that I should seek out a good 845 mono block to use with my super sensitive KHorns. Is the 845 more powerful sounding? Does it have or can it match the natural 'beauty' inherent to the EL-34?
"can it match the natural 'beauty' inherent to the EL-34?"

I won't say that the 845 isn't a quality tube capable of making beautiful music in the right design, but to answer your question very specifically, and with the understanding that "beauty" is in the ears of the listener: When I hear someone ask for a beautiful sounding tube, the 845 doesn't spring to the forefront of my thoughts. One might call it a different beauty, somewhat akin to the difference between incandescent light and the flickering light of a fire.

Now there is an outstanding point.

I've heard a few EL34 based amps and all have had a quite different sonic signature. One set in triode, two others in Pentode, Not sure which #34 tubes in each. JJ's or someother popular brand I think... nothing high priced or NOS.

To date... the Thor 30wpc mono with two 34s in each block running in tri, have been the ones to beat IMHO!

Thanks for the tips on the 77s.
I ran the Air Tights in triode only.The UL improved bass,but the mids suffered.I used all NOS Siemens in mine.
So, When you say:
"When I hear someone ask for a beautiful sounding tube, the 845 doesn't spring to the forefront of my thoughts"

So, exactly how does one explain/describe the difference between an EL-34 and and 845?
It's like I said earlier - an 845 will (in almost any implementation) have that "lit from within" DHT glow in the midrange. For many, that is the ultimate in beauty.

EL34s have a sort of creamy midrange too, one that is possibly more euphonic, but not as clear.

I would argue the DHSET mid is both more transparent (clear) and more beautiful.

The CJ MV-60 is a fave amp of mine, with a 'glowing', beautiful midrange, but there's no doubt it's euphonic (cloudy) as well.

You really need to hear the amps for yourself. These things can't be adequately put into words.