Tube Characteristics

Someone give me the quick and dirty on the sonic differences between: EL 34, 6550, KT-88/90. My current mono blocks are stocked with el-34's heard thru Maggie 3.6. Thanks
Down and dirty-34s are sweet thru the mids,top/bottom a little weak.6550-muscular but lacking in top-end delicacy.88s are my FAV-fairly full range-good performer all around.No experience with the 90s.
My fav is EL-34 and E34L tubes. KT90, KT60 are much harder sounding tubes, IMO.
Can you recommend any brand of 88's?
90s sound more like heavy duty EL34s than KT88s, even though kt90s are a drop in replacement for KT88s. The kt90 is also going to output more power in most cases than a kt88 at the same bias. I think the bass on the kt90 is much better, but that is subjective. It is definitely a leaner and more SS sounding tube than a kt88. but to me the kt88 sounds tubby. take that how you will.
KT-90 great dynamic range, good low end, take a while to break in and bloom. Mids not as good as KT 88 but better top to bottom. I favor Electro-harmonix KT 90 over the EI KT 90.

Svetlana (original) are excellent kt88's. EH KT88 are very good .
to my taste top is great on el34...
Vacuum Tube Valley did a comparison of KT-88 tubes a while back. The JJ Tesla KT88 was the second best rated KT88 behind the venerated Genelex Gold Lion KT88. I use VAC factory Chinese tubes in my PHI 110/110 amp, and they are excellent.
Genelec KT-88s are the best but $$$$$!
Don't neglect to find better input tubes (e.g.6sn7s or whatever your amps use) - the new production ones are considered inferior to the old by a lot of tube rollers....
Tvad - is the review available on-line anywhere?
Tvad - is the review available on-line anywhere?

No. But, back issues of Vacuum Tube Valley can be ordered here. Issue 19 has the 6550/KT88 Shootout.
Not too many EL34 amps will have enough to drive big maggies? Even 4 tubes per channel (80-100 watts) is barely enough to get them going. Using a basic 40wpc EL34 amp probably will lack bass. I would suggest biamp or use a sub....
The newly "remastered" Tungsol 6550's are good sonically and reliable.
EL34 - BEST mids, no question. In the right circuit, things sound as natural as you can get. Nice treble. Weakest in the lows of these tubes. The choice if you are a music lover, as opposed to an audiophile. My favorite.

6550 - Very evenhanded sound, which could be a good or bad thing. Nice if you need to back things off. Not so nice when it sounds dead/flat. Easily the most boring tube of the bunch for me.

KT88 - Maybe the best overall. Nice mids, though not as nice or natural as the EL34. Still, the mids run away from the 6550/KT90 without a doubt. Fat midbass, which I like, though it can be argued that it is not "accurate" or "capable of measuring flat". They are Number 1A for me, barely behind the EL34.

KT90 - Most rugged, by far. I got 6 years out of a quad, and 3 of the 4 could probably do another 1.5 - 2 years. Threadbare mids (not sure how it can be compared to an EL34). Probably best low frequency extension, though the KT88 pleases me more because of its lushness. Good high frequency extension. Overall, a cold sounding tube.
Thanks all for your responses. My amps are the Manley Neo Classic 250 Mono's with ARC LS-15/Ph-3. The EL-34's sound absolutely great so far. I suspect that I have not gotten the best sound yet because they don't have the 200 hours burn in. Sometime ago I changed the stock 6922's in the ARC equipment with Tungsram 6922/E88CC, and the bass improved dramatically. Subjectively, I believe this change is why comparisons with other pre amps (LS-25 MK II) resulted in only marginal improvement. Anyway, Manley does not recommend different tubes, but I wanted to hear from the community.