Tube cdp with ss units...

...thinking about getting a tube cd player that will be run with my ss pre-pro/amp which I use for both audio and ht. I have latest NHT classics and can be a little edgy/cool depending on audio material. I really like the sound but want a smoother/warmer midbass up. Thanks for advise.
There are a lot of tube cd players out there and one of them might be enough to warm up your system but you'd probably get more warmth out of a tube preamp or amp. I have a Primaluna integrated and it has a nice warm sound.
When I added a Jolida 100a w/ the stock tubes to my ss system (restored Kenwood 700m and 700c, VS vr4 iii hse) the difference was detectable but quite small. Warmth? I'm not sure. When I began rolling tubes, some made the system sound even brighter and "cooler" than a the original ss cdp I started with. But others, especially the famed GE triple mica black plates and the Sylvania Gold brand gold pin 5751s, gave me liquid mid-range and highs that the ss player lacked. The advantage of the tubed cdp, for me, is the range of coloration --some cooler, some warmer--that can be achieved with different tubes.
I have a rare, or hard-to-find, Cary CAD-855 based on the Rotel RCD-855. It is the best player I've had to date, beating out budget DACs. It is warmer and takes off the CD edge sound, but changing 12BH7 tubes and cables helps too. Some CDP I've owned were warm but not that musical to my ears (Roksan/NAD). One thing, I may be biased, but I feel my full tube setup give a more enjoyable sound, though comparable SS equipment in general can reveal more detail. As for mid-bass, my tube CDP has warmer, smoother and fuller vocals, but I cannot say it has a warmer midbass. I would change output tubes for a 'fatter' midbass such as my JJ KT88.
Try a Sonic Frontier tube dac. I have the SFD MkII, with the right tubes, you can be in heaven. I replace my ARC CD2 with the SFD MkII and never looked back.
I’d argue that your source should provide an accurate and reliable representation of the information on the disc -- at least that's my opinion. Some tube CD players, such as the Jolida JD100, use solid state op-amps for the analog output sections, then they add a couple of tubes as a "buffer" stage, in effect using tubes as a tone control.

That said, CD players do sound different (duh!), and some are warmer than others. On the warm and musical side are the new Naim CD5i-2 (the new version, not the original CD5i, which is sharper and brighter), the Rega Apollo or Saturn, and, less expensively, various Arcam models such as the CD73T (full disclosure—I have an Arcam for sale on Audiogon).
The JD-100 does not use opamps.

It is very responsive to tube rolling and could, indeed, offset an "edgy" system to some degree.
I have Audio Note DAC 2 Signature (E88CC tubes), used with Cambridge Audio 640v2 ss amp...into BRSE speakers.
I think this combo is excellent.Tubes in DAC have added warmth,naturalness and a sense of liquidity (but not too much!).Tube rolling changes MUCH, and also TWEAKING does.
Different stuff under speakers give out totally different results.
I would wholeheartadly recommend having at least something tubed in a system (CDP is a good option).
Based on my experience,at least.
Thanks for the insight folks..Some mentioned components are out of reach for me but the Jolida would be obtainable after a little saving. What about Rega...a more laid back but still all there player as described by some pro reviews? Thanks again.
Cjack notes that the Jolida "JD-100 does not use op amps." I could swear I'd read that it does, but at my age memory is less than reliable, so I stand corrected. No intent to misinform.

Mnnc, you ask, "What about Rega?" You don't specify a budget, but if you have to save up for a Jolida JD-100, then a used Rega Apollo will be a stretch for you. However, you could afford a used original Rega Planet -- which I happen to be listening to as I type this post. It's the player in my office system, and it's on the warm side, and while it may not be the most accurate player on the market, it rarely offends. I like it better than the later Planet 2000. The original Planet comes up used on Audiogon pretty often for about $350-400 but the trick is to get a model that's still in good shape, as the Planet has been around for a good many years.
Try the Raysonic gear, you wont be disappointed. If I can help let me know....
"Try the Raysonic gear, you wont be disappointed. If I can help let me know...."

Very misleading information.
A Rega Apollo would not be 'too' much of a stretch it's just that I would have to save for a couple three/four months on my teacher salary. However, if I can find what I'm looking for soundwise for less...the better. A 9/10 Apollo just went for less than $700 with a choice of bonus item(I would have chosen Signal digi power cable)and it was blk. I'm just saving and being patient until the time is right. Perhaps around tax return time members will dump their current rig for an upgrade. Then it will be time to start dealing. Thanks again for the time and concern.