Tube CDP vs CDP/DAC Combo

Like many others on the Gon, I'm going back and forth on CDPs. I've narrowed my search to the AH! Njoe 4000, and the Cambrige Audio 640 as transport to a Conrad Johnson D/A3 DAC that I bought recently. Music Hall 100 and the Rotel 1072 round out the list. My preamp is a tubed CJ12L. Any observations on the AH! Can there be too much tube in a system? Conversely, given the age of the CJ DAC, would I be underutilizing the 640. Can't find much info on the DAC guts. But I thought that the 640 may be a good pairing with the DAC due to its extremely low jitter design. I guess the Music Hall could be paired with the DAC also. Same questions as 640. ANy insights would be appreciated. Dave
There can be too much of the tube sound in a system, but the only way you're going to know is to try an in home test and hear it for yourself.

As for your other quandry, you can upgrade the DAC with an Audio Mirrod D1 ($500 on Audiogon) and use the 640, MH, or Rotel with it. You may even consider the AH!, but it might be overkill. I considered the Jolida JD-100 with the Audio Mirror so I could switch between tube and solid state. Just a thought...

What digital cable are you using? You won't get the full potential out of any DAC without a good digital cable. I have tired a few in the $150 - $300 used price range and can tell you that stepping up to a better cable made a bigger difference in my system. The better cable produced a deeper and wider soundstage, a more musical and relaxed sound. Overall the different transports that I tried were not as beneficial versus upgrading the digital cable.

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Thanks guys for your help. I've been cutting bait for about a month now on this issue. Reading the Gon Forums and Googling my heart out. I sent time speaking with Kevin from Upscale Audio yesterday about the AH! He covered alot of ground, answering my questions. I appreciated that. And also with a Tech Rep from Conrad Johnson about the DAC. The upshot from him was still a very good machine but a generation behind. So I think I'll be ordering the AH! and picking up a slightly older model carosel (I'm taking suggestions) as a transport to the DAC. And DH Labs D-75 cables. We'll see how it all turns out. Again, thanks. Dave
Try the Audience cable, one of the best I have tried at the used price. I have moved on from the Audience but it cost me up some to get a better sounding cable.

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