Tube CDP to match my DK VS1MK2

I would like to hear from some DK owners.To get some idea what tube cdp is a good match for the DK.This is my setup DK VS1.
Linn LP 12 ITTOK LINGO with a DV 10x5MC JM LABS 905 Electra's Rotel CD2. Price under 1000 used.
i dont own a dk but i can tell ya a killer tube cdp,ive just been astounded by the dynaco cdv-pro hdcd,i bought mine out of curiosity while i was waiting on my new mcintosh cdp to arrive & it never left my rig,its a very smooth & highly detailed & it crushed the shanling cdt 100 tube player.

I don't own the DK, but would recommend an audition of a Jolida 100.
Thanks for your help!!