Tube Cd players, Gains and Losses.?

No experience with them, have a Classe 301, how would a tube cd player sound with it, and can I get a general comparison of how the sound is on tube cd's vs non tube cd's as they integrate into a solid state system? THX
There are some great sounding tube CD players, and there are some lousy sounding tube CD players - same goes for solid state. You can't make general statements about how "analog like" a CD player sounds based purely on whether it uses tubes in the output stage or not. Let your ears be your guide.

Tubes in the output stage of a CD player ought not to complicate your system in terms of integrating with solid state components. I have many customers whose only tube gear is the digital front end. But I also have customers who have entirely tubed systems with solid state digital front ends. You just have to find the right player for you.
I think Hackmaster pretty much hit it on the head.
I also agree with Hackmaster. I tried a Cal Sigma dac once, thinking that the tube would "help". The solid state dac I have was better-more refined and smoother.