tube cd player vs solid state

if want to improve the warm side of my sound systeme but i want to keep the punch that we find on a solid state. Does it a good ideas to change only my cd(atoll cd200)for a tube cd player and keep my mcintosh integrated(ma-6500). Or maybe im better whit a solid state cd player whit a warm and VERRY DYNAMIC SOUND. please sent me your opinion and no of model that you suggest. My speaker are canton ergo 695
There are great sounding/affordable players of both types.My favorite,which provides the dynamics and detail of a good ss player with the full bodied sound of tubes is the JAS Musik 1.2
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by example if we compare mcintosh mcd301 (ss) vs tube cd player at the same price, wich would be the best warm and dynamic whit deep tite and punchy bass...
My Cary 308T has tube output stage and sounds incredibly natural. It makes solid state or even hybrid cd players sound mechanical by comparison. The 308T is an out of production cd player that sells used for $1000 to $1200 usually. I've not heard their latest, the 303T, a $6500 unit with tube output.
The EAR Acute is also worth a listen.
Give Raysonic 168 a listen. It has tubes in output stage.
I've had several SS players, but now have a tube player and it's not going anywhere. Big difference to my ears.