Tube CD Player Problem - Any advice?

I own a Shanling CD-T100 purchased 8 years ago and haven't used it for several years. When I turn it on it spins the CD but nothing plays. I did notice that the tubes are not lit when the player is turned on, leading me to believe there might be a need for new tubes. However, I don't remember if they were lit when it did play.

Would one or two bad tubes cause all the tubes not to light up when the CD is turned on?

The CD player does not play music when the headphones are plugged into the unit either.

Everything else with the CD player seems to be working when using the remote.

It's like a phonograph spinning without the needle...........

Any suggestions or advice will be appreciated.
Check for a blown fuse. That is the most likely problem. It's probably not the tubes, as it is highly unlikely that they would all go bad sitting around for years. I can't offer anything beyond that. I'm sure there are others with more expertise who may answer.
I think Ncarv is onto it. In this machine there are separate power supplies for the transport, tube buffers and DAC/audio circuits. If not a fuse, then I suspect the power supply to the tubes since they are not glowing. Could be a loose or broken connection to the transformer/power supply for the tubes. I believe you can switch to solid state output. If you can, and it works, then that is another clue that it's the tube section. Good luck!
Thanks! I'll check those areas suggested.