tube CD player for tube integrated amp?

recent lurker, first time poster here.

I'm looking for the best midrange for vocal, guitar, piano music. Tube or solid state redbook CD player would be a better match to my current system (below)

Under my consideration currently:
Ah! Noeb Tjoeb 4000
Doge 6 with NOS tube upgrades
Marantz SA 8001
Cambridge Audio 840C

I recently upgraded to Primaluna Prologue II tube integrated amp driving my old KEF 5 series II speakers. The improvement is so outstanding that my 22-year audiophile itch returns.

Thanks for your inputs.
I have been overwhelmed by the sound quality of the Doge 6 CDP given the modest price tag. While I don't have any experience with the other players you are considering, I would be surprised if anything in this price class can beat the Doge 6.
You did not mention a price point , but I really like how my PP2 works with my Granite 657 CDP . It is very extended and resolving which compliments the PP2 nicely . This unit has seperate SS and tube outputs . The tube side has its own volume control and you can roll the tubes if you want to tailor the sound more to your liking . I have not found the need to do so .

They go for @ $2.5k new and are impossible to find used .

If you have not already done so , try rolling some Mullards into the 12ax spot on the PP2 . Added warmth and base without loosing that sweet top end !

Good luck .
Also check out the Cal Labs Alpha/delta combo.
Hi Cincy bob: have you rolled NOS in your Doge 6? I am new to tube electronic, thus have no idea what NOS tube is and am wondering if Doge tubes need bias tuning. had a shootout in Dec 2007 where Doge 6 (with NOS tubes) is highly comparable to players like Reimyo DAP777/transport combo, Electrocompaniet UP SE, AMR CD 77, Accuphase DP77, but being the best "value" ie lowest price.

Hi Saki70: thanks for suggesting Granite 657.
The 4 players in my original post vary in prices from US$700 to $1500 (new). I could go higher with compelling choices.

Prologue II is said to be auto-biasing, thus I will consider rolling 12ax7 tube after my set is fully mature/breakin.
Ez ear, to date, I have not been too creative with the tubes in my Doge 6 CD players. You might be aware that Pacific Valve has a decent stock of tubes - both new reissue tubes and NOS tubes. The staff at Pacific Valve has experimented with various tubes in the Doge 6 CDP, so I trusted them to recommend the upgraded tube complement. You can check my virtual system threads for the specifics, but my recollection is that they replaced the four 12AX7s with Tong-Sols and the pair of 12AT7s with 1987 JAN Phillips tubes. The cost of the six upgrade tubes was modest (less than $100), and the sound is excellent. So I have not, personally, gone any further to experiment with alternative tubes.

As an aside, I would advise caution in putting any faith in the shootout findings. To put it mildly, there is a lot of controversy swirling around about that shootout. You can read all the dirty laundry over at the Asylum if you are interested.

Nonetheless, the Doge 6 is really an unbelievable value. When you see the build quality of this unit and hear the level of performance, you will be impressed.

By the way, as good as the Doge 6 is, it really is not in the same league as the AMR CD-77, which IMO is one of the very best SOTA digital sources currently available, regardless of price.
Try the Lector 7t. It is spectacular.
Thanks for the recommendations thus far.

I still have a lot of reading to do before deciding. In particular, I am unsure about "synergy" between tube amp and tube vs. SS CDP. Of course my easy ear will tell me but where to begin is the question.

The fun is on.
Here's my two cents...I am currently thoroughly enjoying my Rogue Audio Cronus integrated amp (EL-34 tubes) with my Vandersteen 1C speakers. I was also seriously considering a tube CD player as an "upgrade" from my ten year old Marantz CD63SE -- Musical Fidelity X10-D combination. Just for fun, I took home a new Rotel RCD-1072 form my local shop on a 7 day trial. Well,......WOW !!! The combination of my tubes with the Rotel is simply stunning, and I bought it.

I'm not sure of what "audiophile terms" to use to describe the synergy between the Rotel, Rogue, and Vandersteens, other to say that my music collection has been given new life. Everything sounds better, more musical, and more enjoyable. After all, isn't this what our hobby is all about ? enjoy the music !! Give the Rotel RCD-1072 a try with your system. You may be as impressed with it as I am. Good Luck with your search. Keep it fun !
The following 2 CD players are on my short list for listening trial:

Doge 6
Raysonic 128

both with upgraded NOS tubes. I have heard good enough reviews about them and doubt that I can find much sonic difference between these units at < $2000. I just wonder about reliability of transport (laser pickup, toploading vs sliding tray). Any word wisdom?
My general recommendations is not having to much tubes in the chain.