Tube CD player and no pre-amp

I have an Ah! Njoe Tjoeb 4000, and decided to try not using my Bryston preamp, going directly into my Pass amp. I am amazed how much more I like it. But it is running a 20ft interconnect. Am I making a mistake?

I called Upscale Audio and they said no problem even though the input impedence of my Pass Aleph is low.

So now I want to know will trying different op-amps make a difference in my CD player? Upscale Audio is supposed to offer a kit soon, but I don't know if they sound the same.

Anyone else going "pre-ampless"?
...even if the Pass impedance is low the tube output impedance can be neglected in comparison to Pass input.
Is there an analogue volume control in your CD-player?
Most-likely if you will be using a passive preamp you will have a very small volume range to operate and the length of interconnects will matter.
It is my opinion that the length of the inconnects will make a difference, especially since you are removing the pre-amp from your system (you may lose some drive). The type or brand of interconnects make a difference too. I've heard varying results in systems with long runs using different interconnects. So far, the Nordost Quattro Fil or Valhalla cables performed well in systems with long runs, although these ICs are extremely costly.

I've had very good results in my system using an amplifier with a volume control, replacing my pre-amp. That is another alternative.


Currently, I am using Cal Audios transport and dac. In between, they are connected to a Meridian digital preamp that attenuates the volume in digital domain. The dac then connects directly to the amp. This lacked a little bit of drive, as Hawaiikid advised, but sounds super clean and detailed. However, upgrading the powercords to the transport restored the "drive". In my case, I am using a Virtual Dynamic powercord. My system no longer begs for a preamp.
I run directly to my Mark Levinsonm 335 with a Mark Levinson 39 and it sounds amazing the 39 has an anolog volume control so when you turn the volume down it just gets softer but still has all the dynamics. If you go with a digital volume you will lose bits of information as you lower the volume Good Luck
I will get rid of my Bryston and get a tube preamp. The Ah! Njoe Tjoeb opened my eyes to something that is different. Most fun I have had for the money. I want to get the op-amp flavor pack they will have. It's only about $60 they said, and will give me three more sets.

The output voltage can be changed on the Tjoeb, and I will try that to use my second set of speakers.
As to the "preamp vs no preamp" question, I get asked this and the answer is you do not need a preamp except for a few things:

To add "color" - preamps ARE colored usually, and there is nothing wrong with color.

To adjust balance and add function, and switch between components. So people go back and forth. It's nice if your CD player gives you the option to "play"

IN answer to your "Tjoeb" question , the Njoe Tjoeb has a very low output impedence, so it will run most any amp, and even long interconnect cables. The output impedence is under 250 ohms. Plenty of voltage at the stock 2.5v out.

The volume control is done in the digital domain, so you should try to keep your normal playing level towards top of the Tjoebs volume control.

If you have an amp that needs very little voltage to drive it, this would not be possible. Except with the Tjoeb. Inside there is a maximum voltage adjustment. 5v, 2.5v (default), 1.25, and .75. This will allow you to get to the point you need.

There is an op-amp kit that will be available at cost for the Njoe Tjoeb 4000. They plug right in, easy. You will in essence have three more flavors for about sixty bucks we guess.