Tube CD player and Interconnects

In Tube CD player, I assume that the type and brand of tube in the unit will have the larger impact on the sound versus the interconnect used? Or is it really a mixture of the tube and interconnect?

I have two sets of tubes: One 12ax7; the other 5751. The 12ax7 are lighter and airer with larger soundstage. The 5751 have more bass and drive, but the soundstage is smaller. What I want is bass and drive with decay, air and soundstage. What to do? Start playing with interconnects, or look for new tube all together?? I'm running Jolida JD 100 cd player.

Try a Mullard CV-4004,it is the military 12ax7.It will be a little quicker up-top and more dynamic than the standard Mullard.Or a Telefunken/NOS {800 series=$$}.
IMHO - screw the Mullard, and go for the Sylvania Gold Brand 5751 triple mica blackplates. [What are you using for 5751s?]

I've rolled the Gold Brand Sylvanias (not gold pins), as well as GE triple micas (I've got an extra pair if someone needs - they are very nice tubes but not in league with the pricey Sylvanias), GE JANs, and Sovteks. The Sylvanias are superior in vocals, high end, low end, imaging (I feel you have to hear these to appreciate the wonderful imaging), and soundstage. Sure, they have 70% of the gain of 12AX7s, but who cares? I've got plenty of juice in my system, so SPLs are no problem. The Sylvanias are awesome, pure and simple.

I have found the VenHaus VH Audio Flavor 1 Power Cord works wonderfully with my Jolida JD-100 - throw away that stock cord! After about 120 hours of burn-in, I was surprising impressed with the detail, and blown away at the taut, natural bass my system was producing. Well worth the price of upgrade, and Chris VenHaus is now offering the Flavor 1 cryoed. You can chekc out VenHaus' site, and e-mail Chris V. for sound advice.

For interconnects - I use Gronebergs between my Odyssey Stratos amp and Tempest pre-amp, and for the JD-100. They are everything my system needs. Also use Groneberg speaker cables.

Good luck with your purchases.