Tube cd player

Has anyone used/heard a tube cd player with a vintage ss receiver and any thoughts on this combo? Thank you.
What’s your budget? First thing I thought of reading your post was CAL - California Audio Labs. If you’re looking for vintage find a CAL Alpha or Sigma DAC... Alpha much better but come up a lot less. The Delta was the matching transport.

If you’re looking for a nice CD player that will sound nice with a vintage receiver the CAL Icon II and Tercet were great players in their days; they’re not tube but not sure why you’re looking for a tube CD player anyway.

They’re not as common (tube) but they’re out there from PrimaLuna, ARC, CAL, Sonic Frontiers, Oppo/ModWright, Balanced Audio Technolgy, Marantz - Ah! Njoe Tjoeb, Ayon, Shanling, and I’m sure I’m missing some. The Sonic Frontiers for the money is the one I’d look at but I’d be concerned about the drive on any older player. If you just want a nice player with a warmer sound check out the middle models by Marantz. Other option go with a Tube DAC and any decent transport.

As far as how the combo will work, it will be just fine but not sure I’d invest a lot as most vintage receivers were not that revealing compared to equipment today.
I already had the two components but just wanted to ask before unplugging and switching around everything so I thought I'd ask opinions before hand.I'm using a Jolida JD100 with a Sansui 4000 an liked what I hear.Thanks for your input adg101.
Would guess they sound very nice together. What are your speakers?
I had a conrad johnson DV2b CD player for a few years that sounded very nice, somewhat soft in dynamics but superb for jazz and classical. I haven't seen one of these on the used market for some time now. Extremely well built with high quality caps; the tubes were small 6GK5.
I have a Carver SD/A490t CD player , it uses two 6922 tubes on the output , sounds great with Gold Lion tubes .

correction , my Carver uses 6dj8 tubes .
EAR Acute CDPs sounded very nice.
Aesthetix Romulus is a great tubed CD player, but would be wasted matched to a vintage receiver (and I like vintage receivers)
Have them matched with Infinity RS-4000 with emit tweeters which I think help.Had the Jolida connected to an ASL integrated tube but to my ears the Cambridge with the Wolfson dac chips sounds better.My opinion is there is no waste as long as my ears are happy!