tube cage solution: appj PA0901A N3 miniwatt

Hi everyone,

Having fun with an appj PA0901A integrated amp I ordered from Amazon recently. Have not rolled any tubes yet and using my Linn Classik tape out as a source for good FM (KPLU 88.5 and KING 98.1) and CD in my bedroom with Linn Tukans.

I have a cat and was concerned about him burning himself as he might be curious about the new source of heat on the dresser. After taking some measurements and doing some searches, I found the following:

One of the wire cage drawers fit perfectly over the appj's transformers and just slightly rests on the volume knob at a forward tilt. It stays on there snugly enough for a cat and help dissipates heat some. I put the drawer opening dip at the back and fits perfectly with your banana connections for your speaker cables if you are using the 4 ohm taps. Not bad for a tube cage solution for $16 and I get a 2nd cage for free (2 drawers) if I decide to get an appj for my main system when I want to switch from my Audio Refinement Pre / Multi 5 setup to intimate tubes.

I will post some pictures if people are interested.