Tube Cage On or Off. Does it Make any Difference?

Hey guys. I have a Mystere ca11 tube preamp which I really like. It's paired with CODA 10.5r SS amp, Manley Chinook preamp, Rega Planar 25 turntable, Dynavector 10X5, and Totem Sttaf speakers. I enjoy taking the tube cage off in order to amuse myself by watching the illuminated tubes while spinning vinyl. The question I have is whether removal of the tube cage affects performance of the device or sound in any way. I've played albums both ways [cage on and off] but can't really discern any sonic differences but wondered about the scientific aspect of my decision. Your thoughts are appreciated. Cheers!
My power amps sound better without cages. Don't know if it is a resonance, heat, or shielding thing. Most likely resonance.
Sometimes a tube cage is called a Faraday cage, but only by those that had college level physics. If the cage is metal and grounded to the chassis, it WILL act to block RFI from getting into the circuts, other than that, i see no reason why the sound should change.
Has anyone ever noticed if tube cages help with dust accumulation? My concern is having dust get into the gaps of where my preamp tube sockets are. The cage I saw for my Jolida cover the transformers and all the tubes so all will be protected from curious hands or paws. Seems like dust can still get in but not as much as if I left everything uncovered. Thanks
I would think there could be some level of "Micro-vibration"going on with the cages installed. Unless there are kids/pets/housemaids...etc...leaving them off adds the final benefit of tube amps (besides their sonic attributes): they are sooooo coooool in the dark or dim light....ssooooo coooool. I always leave them off and actually gravitate toward amps where they are in full view (all 'performance-else' being equal) just for "The View".