Tube cage help


I am thinking of getting a Bottlehead paramour, but little children like to touch things that glow. Where can I find a suitable tube cages to fit dimensions of 7.25x11.25x5 inches (height of the tubes from base plate). I was only able to find something by Hammond measuring 10x6x5.2 inches. It looks ok and is just big enough, but Id like to choose from several options instead of only having one to pick from.

I searched google for about an hour. Any suggestions for what other key words I could use? I used "tube, cage, enclosure, wire basket, electronic component, supply, vacuum" in various combinations.

"Expanded metal mesh" or "perforated sheet metal" will help ypu choose a material.

Then talk to a sheet sheet metal shop about making it up for you.
What about welded wire? Similar to bird cages... like on the dehavilland (but of course not exactly the same)
I think welded wire would be more elegant (see the tubes better) but more expensive. And if kids are the concern, not very good protection and too easy to drop stuff into or onto the tubes.
how does one come across a welded wire cage? is it a matter of searching out a wire source and doing it yourself or going to a metal worker? there is specifically a wire basket (industrial, commercial, etc type) "factory" near my parents in worcester ma which i was going to check out, but i thought id ask here first as they mainly do store shelves and such..

yes we have kids, but they are good about not touching things unless we say it is ok..

apx expensive is custom work like that (either metal mesh, perforated or wire)? im talking ball park like under 100, 500 , 1000, etc

Fabricating the welded wire cage (making a custom jig for just that one job) is a cost driver and chrome plating or powder coating could add to the cost. It could probably run as much as $500 depending on complexity, but certainly not more. I'd guess $300 without seeing the job.
The problem with expanded sheet metal the diamond shaped one is that it has sharp edges that are like razors.They punch it on a press and then pull it apart to expand it and that creates sharp edges.
I wouldn't recommend expanded for this application. There are a huge variety of perforated types that come prefinished in many different finishes, platings, and anodized colors.
Yes.. I dont want my children cutting themselves.. cant decide which is worse, burnt or cut fingers.

Where might I find these perforated types? Any suggestions of a good place to look, or is it more of a matter of going someplace local and seeing what they have?

Thanks for the help.
Someguy: If you just want to see what's available, go to Google and search "perforated metal" and look at some of the websites.

Then go to your local sheet metal fabricator and see what kind he might have laying around (your job may not be worth placing a minimum order, so it's good to find a shop that does a lot of perf metal jobs.)
Here is Hammond's page on perforated chassis covers
Just an additional though I had my ARC Vt-60 chrome plated at a pro plating shop for a flat $300.00 fee its drop dead picture shaving mirror perfect.
Also I think you can get cages at Parts Connection for amp kits.
Richingoth, what a cool source! How did you ever find them?! I'll bet they'd do custom sizes too.