Tube buffers?

Any one out there have any experience with tube buffers. I've been looking at ifi and Yaqin and would install between pre-out and amp-in on my solid state integrate.

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I recently used a Bottlehead Quickie as tube buffer. The Quickie is a two input preamp, not a tube buffer exactly, but in my system it was run strictly as a tube buffer between my Resolution Audio Opus 21 system and amp.

I sold the Quickie after about six months and regret it now. In my system it's pretty simple to swap it in and out as I can use a balanced out directly to the amp and RCA out to the Quickie and then more RCA to the amp.

I'm going to build another Quickie and put it in when I feel the urge for a little tube sound. Just gotta get around to ordering one, very simple to build.