Tube buffers?

Any one out there have any experience with tube buffers. I've been looking at ifi and Yaqin and would install between pre-out and amp-in on my solid state integrate.

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The more compelling reason to own a tube buffer, is to help give component hooked up to "see" an impedance you want the component to see. I am not an EE or anything close, I hope some one with a clearer explanation to chime in. In my system I have used certain buffers to aid impedance mismatches. Almarg please...
The one thing people think they are buying is a "tube anywhere in the system" will tubify the sound. It may make your system sound differently but if you really want tube magic you need to use a tube power amp out. People will stamp their feet and say they get tubbiness by using a tube pre, but they just don't know they are missing. Tube magic is an incredible 3D imaging that is very hard to duplicate when a tube signal if flattened out by an solid state output stage. It took me almost a decade to finally get it right in my system.