tube buffer?

if you use a tube buffer with your cd player please help me understand to what advantage (potentially at least). I am a novice,still in the early stages of learnin'.I have a Rotel RCD1072,and NAD C372 integrated.Many thanks!

I'm not sure if there would be a real advantage to using a buffer with your integrated. If not mistaken it's rated at 50k Ohms on the preamp input. That should be more than enough for your cd player.

If you used a passive volume control like a passive volume pot or stepped attenuator using resistors. The buffer could possible improve the sound. This also depends on which buffer you use..they aren't created YMMV.

You have a lot of room to play here. What I mean by this is.. you can when funds allow move to separates. Maybe a separate preamp and amplifier. Depending on the'll most likely hear some marked improvements.

You could also go with a passive integrated. Then the tube buffer may come in handy. This will also depend on the input impedance of the passive control and the output of the source. You'll be more able to hear the advantages or disadvantages of the buffer with a passive volume control verses most actives. Sorry to be vague..there's no one way to make it work.

I find the buffer essential in my setup. Since I use a passive volume controlled integrated. Along with a Dac that doesn't use Op amps or built in buffers.

Some prefer active preamps because of the gain and drive it gives the music.Others find actives too noisy and not as transparent as the passives..which in all my cases is true.

On the other hand, passives are considered thin and brittle sounding by some folks. IME..this is also true..unless you add some form of buffer to the equation or your source has some form of buffer built in. The right buffer will give you drive, finesse, transparency and presence without the added noise of an active preamp.At the same time..the unit will do this without being edgy,grainy,shouty or cloudy. It's a helluva balancing act..I hope you're ready!LOL

IMHO it would be better to put the money else where. Unless you plan to change components.And for the most important part..YMMV.

Good listening
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Gmood1,I appreciate your detailed response.It has led me to more research,(which is always fun).Thanks!
Not an expert here by any imagination but I hooked my Arcam CD 72 to Musical Fidelity tube buffer, also have the associated MF outboard power supply, then to my Panache integrated and for me anyway it seems to add more detail and resolution to the music.
if a tube buffer has a circuit which is responsive to changes in tubes, you may be able to tune your stereo system to your taste.