Tube Bias VDC EL-34 vs. KT-77 and KT-88

Assuming DC voltage setting for bias is .30 to .35 for EL-34, what should the setting be for the KT-77 and KT-88 ? My thoughts(uneducated), is the KT-77 should be similar to the EL-34, but the KT-88 a bit higher ?



I have a Rogue Cronus Magnum, and the recommended bias value for everything from EL-34 to KT-120 is .35.  There is a 30 minute warm-up period recommended before fine tuning the bias, and when going from KT-120 to a lower powered tube Rogue advises dialing in a slightly lower bias during the warm-up period and then make a final adjustment to .35.