Tube based surround sound amp???

Hello fellow audio nuts!

I am trying to downsize in a fairly drastic way, and my hope is to merge some gear from my two channel set-up with my home theater.

I plan on selling my beloved highly modded Fisher 500c, as well as my Eastern Electric Minimax CDP (both from my 2 channel rig).
What I hope to do is find an integrated amp for an IPod based 2 channel system that I can also use to run a 5.1 home theater set-up.

My speakers are Northcreek Rhythm Revelators- 4 ohm, 90 db efficient.

I would love to find tube amplification again because I'm addicted to it, and it helps tame the slightly tipped up highs of the Northcreeks.

I would love to make the Northcreeks my main speakers, and integrate them into my home theater set-up.

Right now I'm very intrigued with the Peachtree Audio iDecco, because it has a digital direct iPod port and, at least, tube preamp. Not sure about the 30 watts though?

Any thought on the iDecco?

Also, would I need a separate surround processor for home theater? Any cheap recommendations?

I'd like to keep my budget well under $1000. I saw a used iDecco for $575 on Audigon, so I have about $500 for a surround processor if needed.

Thanks for any advice. I am obviously an enthusiast, but not a true audiophile and any advice is much appreciated.
Tube based surround sound integrateds aren't anything I have come across. And even a tube amp for 90 dB efficient speakers for under $1000 is going to be a tough price point to hit.
Best bet would be used Butler 5150...but probably difficult to get at your $1000 limit
You have a wonderful rig, you will be taking a step backwards... I would look into the Dared DV-6C, it is a 5.1 channel hybrid tube/ss that has gotten some very nice reviews and is pretty cheap.
I had a Butler TDB-5150 and loved it. But it is a power amp, not an integrated. You would still need a surround preamp/processor to complete the rig. And you'll never find a Butler for anywhere near $1,000. If you're lucky, maybe $1,500...

Emotiva make some well-regarded, inexpensive surround processors. Check out their UMC-200, on sale right now for $599. Comes with 30-day in-home trial and has a 5 year warranty.

Yeah, Butler 5150 was my first thought too, until I saw the budget. Thus, my first post above...
Thank you friends, for all comments and advice.

Mik- I know it is a step backwards- but downsizing usually is...

Could anyone comment on whether it's possible to connect a surround processor (e.g. the Emotiva suggested by RW) to my vintage Fisher? It does have an RCA pre-out input.

And I have heard good things about the Dared gear before. Is it recommended for Bluray DVD's? Mostly what I've heard was raves for multichannel SACD.

Thanks again for any further advice.