Tube based phono stage

I am looking for a new phono stage to use with Feikert Volare TT, Soundsmith Zephyr cartidge, Leben CS 600 and Devore O93 speakers.  Looking for a rich sounding, musical amp.  Tubes definitely a possibility.  Price range around 3 K.  Thanks,  MP
I will second the NVO.  I have had the NVO SPA II2 for 6 years and I absolutely love it, I haven't found any thing that beats it.  It replaced my Kondo M7
Check out the Manley Chinook SE MKII. I have been using mine for the past three years with no issues at all. I have not had to replace the tubes and I use it approximately 15 hours a week. Biggest thing I noticed is how dark the background got if that makes any sense. Sounds great with my set up. Hope this helps. 
These are great suggestions; much appreciated.
Has anyone any experience with QuickSilver or the Mod Wright phono stages?
Reach out to Modwright. I had questions and they answered everything I could ask. Great people and you can tell the people working there have respect for Dan and Dan has respect for them. They'll even let you do an in home demo if you pay for shipping both ways. I'll eventually try one. 
Another vote for Rogue. I have the RP-1 and the phono stage built in to that pre is purdy good for the the money.
An alternative if you’re open to NOT tubes is PS Audio new Stellar Phono Stage. I think you can do a try and buy with that product as well and its right in the budget.