Tube audio under $900?

I'm thinking of replacing my jolida 302b with a newer 302brc or a 505. has both of these for a pretty reasonable offer. I was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions as to a good amp under $900? I hope this thread fares better in the correct forum.
There are better amps for about $1K but they would be used. Is that acceptable?
For sure.
why dont you go to the main page of this site and click on the SEARCH and on the next page at the bottom you can enter a dollar amount and category.
Ah. Thanks.
Onix SP3 can be your tube gateway.

Jolida is nice stuff too.
Roggae, what is it about the 302b that you don't like? As an owner of a 302b, I can attest to its being a high-value tube integrated, and very good for its price range. You can get a different sound within your budget, but I wouldn't put Cayin or Consonance or some of the other sub-$1000 offerings head and shoulders above the 302b. For that, IMHO, you need to pony up more cash.

If I were you I'd either keep saving for a significant step up, or save the cash and stick with the 302b.

For int. amps, Cayin A50T or Prima Luna Prologue I or II. For a tube power amp, TAD-60 (can be used as a one source int.)
This is a power amp,and I think it would make a lot of people
happy.I don't know anything about seller,or have any ties to them.[]
So would the jolida 502 with KT 88s be an improvement?
I agree with Sufentanil. Anything in your $900 price range will basically be a sideways move from the 302B.

Depending on your goals for the change in amplification, you might contact Undwerwood HiFi and find out what mods they would install for your $900. It'd result in improved clarity and frequency extension...perhaps also some improved bass clarity.

Otherwise, I'd save your money until you can afford a significant upgrade.
The 502s are a big improvement over the 302s IMHO. Better transformers-better bass and dynamics regardless of el34s or KT88s. But you can get point to point wiring in the Cayin or Prima Lunas and skip the circut boards for the money you are talking about.
Bottlehead and Decware. So overlooked small manufacturers with no advertising budget and stellar product.
Used cayin will give you great sound and value.b
The question came about because I have the opportunity to get the 502 for $745 and the 801 for $970. I was really testing to see if any other manufacture made better offers. Thank folks. Got lots of research to do!