Tube Audio Design TAD-803 Single Driver Speakers

This is a review of the TAD-803 Single Driver speakers from

I have been a novice audiophile for the past five years so I may not have all the jargon down but I know what I like. I was in the market for a pair of speakers to mate with my recently purchased TAD-60 tube amp. I like to search for good value speakers which have a good return policy and of course Paul's TAD-803 fit the bill. These speakers were for a bedroom setup. PC --> Audigy NX --> Tact --> TAD-60 --> TAD-803.

When I first listened to the speakers they were flat and lifeless with a narrow soundstage. I was somewhat disappointed but I needed to give them the recommended 30 hours of break-in time.

I started to hear improvements after about 10 hours of break-in. The soundstage widen beyond the speakers and the midrange sounded good.

After 40 hours, the music was just right for my taste. The midrange was hauntingly natural. I listen to jazz and the pianos and saxes were scary coming from a single driver speaker. The vocals were very good. I have heard other more $$$ speakers which were more natural but these speakers were a bargain. The bass was good but a sub would help. These speakers played well at low volume levels < 40db without messing up the soundstage.

My previous speaker was a Vandersteen 1C and the TAD-803 sounded better overall. The Vandersteen 1C did provide more air to the music but lacked the natural sounds of the TAD-803. My reference speaker, Odyssey Loreleis have a wider soundstage and exhibits a lot of emotion and excellent bass as compared to the TAD-803 but the Loreleis are a lot more expensive.

I am not affiliated with Paul but he has me believing in his products.
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