Tube Audio Design TAD-1000 100 watt Mono Blocks

Paul at BizzzyBee, who sells the wonderful Cayin TA-30, has
an interesting deal on a new pair of 100 watt tube monoblocks. Has anyone heard the new TAD-1000 Mono's ?
Any idea how they compare to ASL Hurricane, or ARC
VS110 ? Looks like TAD is a Cayin design. Everything Cayin makes gets great reviews. Id like to buy the Totem Forest's but I dont know if 100 watts per channel will be adequate. Any owners of the TAD-1000 have any impressions they want to share ? Thanks
Funny you should ask...

I just received my pair earlier today. So far, I am VERY impressed.

I am driving a pair of Martin Logan Prodigy's (not the easiest load out there) to "room filling" volume, with no problems.

The packaging is pretty darn good, and again, considering that they are not even anywhere near broken-in yet, sound pretty amazing.

Will keep you "posted" (pun intended) as they begin to break in, but bottom line - they should be plenty of amp for your Totem's.


Anything to report on the TAD-1000 mono's yet?

I'm considering his package deal with the TAD-150 Sig. as a complete system change over. The TAD-150 has plenty of threads and info floating around, all of which seems positive, but have not found anything on his new mono blocks.

If you have any thoughts or feelings please post them, if you'd like not to post publicly please feel free to email me directly as I'm days away from making a move. I'm also thinking about the Consonance Reference 880 integrated but willing to spend some more if the TAD is worth it.
While we are on the subject of Tube Audio Design, I have a TAD TA-30 I am going to sell (Am I aloud to post this here? I apologize if I am out of line). It has the full upgrades. It's 9 months old but has only 6months of use (~550 hours) and 10/10 rating by Audiogon standards. Power tubes are rated for 3000 hours. Have the manual, box, and voltmetere sent with the unit to adjust bias. Paul at TAD will honor the 3 additional months of warrenty left on the unit. I'm just too lazy to put it up on Audiogon for sale. I have pictures. Anyone interested?
I have both the TAD-150 preamp and the TAD-1000 mono block amps. I am running a pair of Martin Logan Aerius i with them. It drives my speakers VERY well. The TAD-1000's are a far step up in quality from the Cayin TA-30. I know I will not be upgrading my two channel for quite some time. I am really enjoying the TAD stuff. I have had the monos since Christmas, they are definitely broken in now.

Jeff Aguilar
Actually, I am running two Cayin TA 30's and a TAD 150 signature pre amp. I have the set up bi-wired and power corded with Signal Cable exclusively. I am very happy with the sound. I like that I can adjust the bass separately. A little different then using the two focus controls on the two TA 30's.
I tried the anticables, but was not impressed. I will let my Signals burn in a bit more, and play around with the anticables again on some rainy Saturday, or quiet evening when the wife is visiting family!
Of course, now that I put this together, Paul has the $2400 monoblock system. I have only $2100 into the equipment, not counting the cables. (Buying used helps!) Who knows, at some point I may just sell off my system in pieces, and apply the money to the monoblocks.
I am running Meadowlark Blue Heron 2 speakers.