Tube Audio Design HIbachi-II amps with Maggie 1.6?

Has anyone had experience with Tube Audio Design's Hibachi-II 200W amps with Magnaplanar 1.6's? Paul G, the designer/builder says they work great. What do you think?
no flippen way!! do they output over 300 w at 4 ohms? SS amps with Maggies, unless you can pay up for some real tube power like VTL, ARC or a higher powered Rogue.

I have had tube amps eaten alive by Maggie 1.6r's when I had them.
I can't speak specifically to the Hibachi 2s or the 1.6s, but the original TAD Hibachis work very well with the MMGs. And these amps will -IIRC- put out close to 300 wpc @ 4 ohms.

BTW - These are SS amps. Old school class A/B, but definitely ss.

My bad, I have actually heard these amps with Vienna Beethoven's and they handled them very well. I didn't read the string correctly.
His latest amps work very well with the Magnepan 1.7's in my system.
My 1.6's sound best with a hot-rodded Hafler 500 putting out a measured 549RMS at 4 ohms !
Hibachi I/II put out around 220w into 4 ohms. They are nice solid amps as I use a pair to drive a pair of PMC OB1's. Paul is a stand up guy and his gear is top notch. If you're looking at the pair for sale on the forums for $550 shipped they are a steal at that price (so much so I was thinking of purchasing them for bi-amping). Seriously, you'd have to spend $1k to get the same level of performance. As with all of Paul's designs, the cost to value ratio is through the roof.

BTW I also own his PreDAC and have owned 2 of the TAD-150 Signature preamps he used to sell. The 150 Sig being a phenomenal value as well.