Tube Amps With Good Bass Qualities

I have been reading over posts about tube amps and their bass qualities. I understand that for the most part, that a ss amp with have an edge in bass qualities compared to a tubed amp. Damping factor, etc. But I can give up a little of that edge for what I enjoy in the midrange qualities of a tubed amp. So my question is, what tube power amps have you heard that have good bass qualities?  Raven, Quicksilver, Mac, etc.?   Let's give a price point. 5K or under. What do you think?
@georgehifi I didn't see your post just before mine covering the same thing. Hate when that happens. Even improving the source can make the amp and therefore the speakers sound better.
Even improving the source can make the amp and therefore the speakers sound better.
Yes that's for sure also, the main one though is the amp, it has to control the speakers movements, wild and varying loads, high and low impedances, and not be upset by any back emf from the speaker either.

Cheers George  
Interesting that there has been no mention of power, power cables, and isolation solutions.
check out - made in Ill - excellent amps, preamps and speakers. Your speakers MUST match your amp though. I have a small 2W/ch Decware amp with 98db speakers. They sound awesome - at least to me.
Thanx Ralph. So why do you think so many manufacturers make low impedance loudspeakers? 16 ohm speakers are a rarity. With ESLs you don't have much choice and they all pretty much do the same thing as capacitive loads. But, dynamic speakers could be designed with higher impedance. Maybe it is a marketing problem? 
I was looking at specs and I noted the ARC Ref 750 had a slew rate of 20 volts/msec. Your amp is 600 volts/msec. Why is yours so much faster and how does that effect the sound. 
Next silly question. If you were using two 8 ohm drivers in a subwoofer would you hook them up parallel for 4 ohms or series for 16 ohms and why?